Patron Rules of Conduct

In order to ensure constructive use of Fallsburg Library facilities, materials, and services, as well as the reasonable personal comfort of all patrons, the Board of Trustees has established the following rules for use:

  • Patrons are expected to engage in activities associated with the use of a public library. Patrons not reading, studying, participating in a library program, or using the library resources may be required to leave the building.
  • Reasonable quiet is expected. Using cellular phones, tablets, or other electronic devices in a manner that disturbs others is prohibited.
  • Misconduct such as the use of foul or threatening language and gestures, public drunkenness, drug usage, sale or exchange of alcohol or drugs, persistent loud talking and laughing, running, pushing, fighting or provoking a fight, staring, stalking, soliciting, loitering, littering, and other behavior deemed offensive by library staff will result in expulsion from the building and suspension of library privileges.
  • No smoking is permitted on library grounds. This includes the use of e-cigarettes and/or vapes.
  • Only service animals, service animal trainees, and animals featured in programs sponsored by the library are permitted in the building.
  • For reasons of safety and hygiene, no one may enter the building without footwear or without a shirt or other covering of their upper bodies.
  • A library patron who tampers with the hardware or software of any computer, deliberately alters a library computer database/website, or destroys computer equipment will forfeit all library privileges and will be subject to financial liability of damages.
  • Electronic equipment and services (either belonging to the library or the patron) shall be used in accordance with their intended purposes, as defined by the library. See ‘Internet Use Policy.’
  • The library reserves the right to request proper identification for the use of selected equipment.
  • A library patron who vandalizes, steals, or destroys any library material, equipment, or building components will forfeit all library privileges and will be subject to financial liability.
  • The library reserves the right to examine all packages, briefcases, coats, bags, and any other container before patrons and/or staff exits the building.
  • The library reserves the right to prohibit the presence of backpacks or other large bags from any area of the library at any time.
  • In order to maintain a safe and pleasant environment for children and parents in the Children’s Room, adult patrons who are not engaged in library activities which require materials from that room, may be asked to relocate to other parts of the library.
  • The library assumes no responsibility for the care and supervision of children. Parents or caregivers must supervise the behavior of their children. Additionally, children under the age of 8 must be directly supervised by someone 13 years of age or older.
  • Food and drink outside of a library approved program are not permitted.
  • All library users shall obey the reasonable requests of the library staff.
  • Failure to comply with this Patron Code of Conduct may result in immediate suspension of library privileges.

Patrons are encouraged to report concerns or disruptive individuals to the staff or the Library Director.
Passed by the Board of Trustees on September 15, 2016